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Choosing the right country, then the university for your overseas education is no easy task. With so many universities on offer, making the right choice could be challenging. However at the end, it is crucial that your choice is well thought out, as this is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. You don’t want your hard -earned money to be wasted by following a course that you don’t love, right? AEMC would be the ideal place for you!

AEMC is a reputed educational Consultancy firm based in Colombo, Kandy and in Melbourne. Out target countries are Australia, USA and Malaysia. We provide a range of services from student counseling to visa process itself. With a clear view of the challenges of foreign education, we are committed to provide nothing but the best guidance to out students. We always, ALWAYS go an extra mile to offer the highest quality of service; that could be the main reason for our exceptional success rate.

Keeping in mind the needs of each student, we have designed our processes in a way that the every single step from admission to visa arrangements is smooth and hassle free. The best part? Our services are absolutely free of charge!

Our experienced counselors will guide you to apply for the correct course in the most recognized universities and colleges. During the selection procedure, its YOUR goals and aspirations that will be considered, as it is paramount that our students pursue their dream career.

Application process is a tedious job. Nevertheless our counselors are well equipped to help you and will supply the course application documents, program guides; help you compile your application and certify support documents. We will ensure that all the details are accurate, to avoid rejections and delays.

The preparation of visa application and submission to the High Commission is done with utmost care, while being vigilant on all visa requirements to ensure that everything is in order before submitting. You won’t have to worry a thing, as the entire process will be entirely stress-free. You might as well, sit back and relax!

Information about the availability of scholarships and the necessary funding required will be explained in great detail, including the tuition fee, accommodation costs, living costs etc. Subsequently, your funding documents will be reviewed meticulously to insure your financial capability. We just want to make sure you follow your passion, enjoy life and conquer the world with a clear mind!

When applying for certain universities, you will be required to undergo certain standardized tests such as, IELTS, TOFEL, SAT. Our counselors will guide you regarding the scores that you should be aiming for in targeting for particular institutions. If you have the required scores, great! The process will be much easier for you!

Get in touch with our counselors today and get your self enrolled in one of the world-class universities!

AEMC Consultants, Study Group the best Agent of the year 2018