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  • Success Story of Malki Nipunika Fernando

    • 22/03/2020
    • Posted By : Devanjana Gunasena
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    Malki Nipunika Fernando
    Bachelor of Hospitality Management

    I was able to get my student visa to Australia to study at CQUniversity to study Hospitality Management, most successfully! AEMC provided me with the highest service and guided me with the entire process smoothly. My counselor, Tharuka Dissanayake, helped me tremendously! He always made sure that he provided me with accurate information from the beginning. At the same, time everyone else at AEMC was equally supporting, and constantly trying to improve their service by going out of their way. To be honest, my Visa process was absolute hassle-free!
    A very big thank you to the team at AEMC for making it possible for me to pursue my passion!