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Get ready for the BIGGEST case study competition happening in SRI LANKA! Passionate about social issues and you think you have an innovative solution? What if I tell you that we will provide you with the perfect avenue to put out your ideas?

Write us a comprehensive case study or a video presentation on your OPINION on the best way that you can impact the world, in Sinhala, English or Tamil on a topic of your choice, as mentioned below :-

  • 1.     Sustainable Innovation
  • 2.     Women Empowerment and conflict between feminism and gender equality. 
  • 3.     Eradicating Poverty
  • 4.     Nature based solutions for protecting the environment
  • 5.      Preventing Conflict, promoting peace
  • 6.     Encouraging comprehensive youth development
  • 7.     Encouraging youth in civic and political participation
  • 8.     Implementing quality education
  • 9.     Addressing animal cruelty and negligence. 
  • 10.   Comprehensive improvements in the current educational system in Sri Lanka.
  • 11.   Impact of the belt and road initiative to the world.
  • 12.   Effects if the US trade agreement; its benefits and drawbacks.
  • 13.   What are the effects of Coronavirus in the world and the overall economy. How has it impacted the sustainable development and the policy planning.

Guess what? You are just about to win AMAZING Prizes too!

Age Group : 21-30 years

Winner – LKR. 150,000 + Singapore Tour
1st Runner Up – LKR. 100,000
2nd Runner Up – LKR. 80,000

Age Group : 16 – 20 years

Winner – LKR. 80,000 + Singapore Tour
1st Runner Up – LKR. 50,000
2nd Runner up – LKR. 20,000

Many other ancillary benefits!

Engage Youth is all about converting your opinion into a real world impact; we understand that you care about these pressing affairs and we want to empower you to take action that will create a positive impact in our society. We believe that you are ambitious, hardworking and committed. We BELIEVE that you are a changemaker. 

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