About BCS (HEQ) - AEMC Consultants

Thank you for your interest in signing up for the British Computer Society Accredited Courses run by AEMC Campus, in the field of IT! Here’s your chance to obtain the latest knowledge and be a sought-after individual in IT!


You will be instructed by a panel of highly qualified lecturers with experience in the teaching industry for a large number of years, teaching the following courses under this program –

Our Lecture Panel for BCS Level 4 Certificate in IT

Saranga Wijayasiri

MSc. (Info Management),

PgD. (Info Management), BSc, MBCS, MCAD

Jude Roy Ian Smith

MSc. (Computer Science Engineering – Data Science),

BSc (Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering), CCNA, CCNP,

Ayesha Fernando

Bachelor of Industrial Information Technology (BIIT), Uva Wellassa University.

Professional Graduate Diploma in IT
(BCS Level 06)

Certificate in IT


Take the first step in your international HEQ journey – the Certificate level focuses on three core modules and is comparable to the first year of a university degree.

Diploma in IT


Select the modules that match your chosen career path when you study the Diploma in IT – comparable to the second year of a university degree course.

Professional Graduate Diploma in IT


Prepare for a rewarding career in technology by developing specialist degree-level knowledge and practical skills aligned with your chosen field of IT.

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